Latest Rape in Porgera


Date of Incident: January 19, 2011

Name of Victim: Elssie Kumbi of Anawe village Porgera, Enga Province Papua New Guinea

Location of incident: Mines Lime plant site, Kumbipara,

Nature of Incident: Brutality and torture in an attempt to rape causing severe internal and external damage to body

Incident: In the evening of January 19, 2011, Helsy Kumbi aged 26 years went into the bush near the mines lime plant area to collect native vegetables that creep by the waters. All of a sudden a Barrick Security Guard on duty at the mines lime plant ran after her as she ran for help into an abandoned home. However there was no one there to help her. She was forced to have sex, and she refused and the offender kidnapped her and burnt her genital areas with hot rods repeatedly.

The offender is arrested and in jail, medical report obtained, police report yet to be obtained.

Information/evidence gathered by David Mandi – Chairman ATA and preliminary report by Jeffery Simon

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