Hazardous Chemical disposal in Red Wara River

On July 12, several reports from Porgera indicate that there was a chemical release by Barrick into the Red Wara River. UPDATE from Mark Ekepa: “In my village last week 12th July there was a shut down of mill and took 4 day to refurbished and service it while doing that the rubbish from the auto […]

Landowners respond to 50% sale of Porgera Mine to Zijin Mining Group

The Porgera Landowners Association sent a letter to the head office of Barrick Gold outlining their concerns about the sale of 50% of their Porgera Mine stake to Zijin Mining Group. They are calling for Barrick to convene a high level delegates meeting with stakeholders of the Porgera Mine, including Zijin, so that these concerns […]

Customary Land Rights in Papua New Guinea loses to Mining Rights in National Court Decision

Landowners appeal to United Nations for support A recent landmark decision of the National Court that gives Porgera Joint Venture Company exclusive rights of occupancy to its Special Mining Lease (SML) could affect thousands of landowners living in major resource development project areas throughout the country. Meanwhile, landowners from Porgera have traveled to the United […]

Background – Issues Related to Barrick Gold’s Porgera Joint Venture Mine in Papua New Guinea May 2011

Violence Perpetrated by the Security Forces of the Porgera Joint Venture Mine Allegations of rapes, beatings and killings of community members by Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) security forces have been prevalent for at least a decade. In a news article in 2005 then-mine operator Canada’s Placer Dome admitted to eight killings of community members by […]

Massive Arrest – Porgera

Dear Editor, This morning, the Porgera Mine Police arrested 45 local Porgerans along the riverine tailings while they were panning gold. This local landowners live in the Special mining Leased area (SML). Their homes have not been relocated since the mine granting the Special Mining Lease and the licence to mine. This people’s land ones […]

STATEMENT: Brief on New Bill to Strip Rights to Land

A new law was bulldogged through the PNG Parliament last week that outlaws those third party lawsuits against resource projects in Papua New Guinea. According to Environment and Conversation Minister Benny Allan that, Environment (Amendment) Bill 2010 will supplement, give full effects to enable companies holding environmental permits to comply with the standards stated in […]

Indigenous Leaders from Papua New Guinea Accuse Barrick Gold of Abuses

Four members of the Ipili tribe of Porgera in Papua New Guinea (PNG) have travelled to Canada to demand that Barrick Gold address serious human rights abuses and environmental destruction related to Barrick’s Porgera Joint Venture gold mine. Two of the Ipili are landowners and also part-owners of the Porgera Joint Venture mine. Long-standing allegations […]

Statement of Mark Ekepa, Chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association at Barrick’s Annual General Meeting

My name is Mark Ekepa . I have come from Papua New Guinea with my fellow Ipili to speak at this meeting. I hold a proxy from Mr. David Wurfel. I am the chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association. I represent the traditional owners of the land that is now affected by Barrick’s Porgera Joint […]

Jethro Tulin’s testimony read to Barrick shareholders at their 2009 Annual General Meeting

Jethro Tulin’s testimony read to Barrick shareholders at their 2009 Annual General Meeting April 29th, 2009 My name is Jethro Tulin and I hold a proxy from Mr. David Wurfel. Mr. Munk, I am an indigenous Ipili from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I have traveled half way across the world to speak out […]

Presentation by Mark Ekepa at the Canadian Parliament Press Gallary 12th May 2008

My name is Mark Ekepa. I have come from Papua New Guinea to speak to the Canadian people and the Canadian government about the problems the indigenous people in my community are facing because of the reckless mining operations of Barrick Gold’s Porgera Joint Venture mine. I am the Chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association. I […]