Hazardous Chemical disposal in Red Wara River

On July 12, several reports from Porgera indicate that there was a chemical release by Barrick into the Red Wara River. UPDATE from Mark Ekepa: “In my village last week 12th July there was a shut down of mill and took 4 day to refurbished and service it while doing that the rubbish from the auto […]

Righting Wrongs?: Columbia and Harvard Law School produce report on Porgera

Jethro Tulin commended the Columbia and Harvard Law Schools, as well as lawyers Sarah Knuckey and Tyler Giannini,  for their excellent independent reporting in “Righting Wrongs? Barrick Gold’s Remedy Mechanism for Sexual Violence in Papua New Guinea: Key Concerns and Lessons Learned“. (download report here) Tulin also stated, “Catherine Coumans (Canada), Natalie Lowery (Australia), Teacha Beaumont […]

Landowners respond to 50% sale of Porgera Mine to Zijin Mining Group

The Porgera Landowners Association sent a letter to the head office of Barrick Gold outlining their concerns about the sale of 50% of their Porgera Mine stake to Zijin Mining Group. They are calling for Barrick to convene a high level delegates meeting with stakeholders of the Porgera Mine, including Zijin, so that these concerns […]

UNPFII 14th session: Statement by Akali Tange Association and endorsed by the Pacific Caucus

Item 4: Half-day discussion on the Pacific region 21 April 2015 Statement byAkali Tange Association and endorsed by the Pacific Caucus.   We would like to begin our statement in addressing the fact that while we here at the United Nations talk of human rights violations in the context of the pillaging and plundering of […]

PRESS STATEMENT: Victory! Victims of abuse receive compensation

We at Porgera Alliance are pleased to Claim Victory on out of court settlement  entered by our lawyers from Earth Rights International in the USA and Barrick Gold of Canada on agreement to pay compensation to issues connected with human rights abuses at the Porgera mine site, (Rapes and Killing) after many many tears of struggle to seek justice and relief. […]

Porgera Landowners petition PNG Government with Ultimatum regarding Barrick’s intention to sell Porgera Mine

Today, Porgera Landowners petitioned the PNG Government with an ultimatum in response to Barrick’s announcement that it intends to sell off its stake in the Porgera Mine. According to the petition, the government has until Feb 25, 2015 to respond to the landowners request that the government deal with unresolved issues at the mine before […]

Massive Protests in Porgera over violation to MOA agreement with landowners

On October 28, 2014, hundreds of Porgerans marched onto Barrick Gold’s Porgera mine site to demand benefits that rightfully belong to the Porgera Special Mining Lease (SML) Landowners. On Oct 17, Barrick Gold was given a 48 hour ultimatum to respond to requests by landowners at their controversial Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea. The first demand, […]

Porgera Burns: Police set homes of “illegal miners” in Wingima ablaze again

UPDATE ON WINGIMA HOME BURNINGS: (reporting from Jethro Tulin) 1. A Total of 87 permanent structured were burnt down 2. At the time of the raid, two women where raped according to witness. 3. 5 people were seriously injured and admitted to hospital. People feared the police and cases were not properly reported to police […]

Porgera Landowners Press Statement in response to “Illegal Miners Hit Porgera”

This press statement is released directly in relation to a news articles read EMTV news segment and print news The National 6 February 2014 “ Illegal Miners Hit Porgera”. Chairman of Porgera Landowners Association, Tony Mark Ekepa says that the issues surrounding the illegal mining activity at the mine site is not a new development […]

Billions lost due to weak mining policies

Source: Solomon Time Papua New Guinea has been losing billions of kina in mineral resources due to lack of strong policies and capacity to properly monitor and regulate the industry. Enga Governor and host to the world class Porgera Gold Mine, Peter Ipatas in his keynote address to stakeholders during the Mineral Policy and Legislation […]