PNG Mining Minister Responds to Munk’s Statement about Gang Rape, Porgera Alliance demands Accountability

Download this letter from the Government Mining Minister demanding apology from Peter Munk for his statement about gang rape being a “cultural habit” in PNG.

The following is the Porgera Alliance’s response the official response of Barrick’s Gary Halverson to the outrage cause by Peter Munk’s insensitive comments.

Gary Halverson, Barrick Asia Pacific President’s response to public outcry over Peter Munk’s statement was short sighted and bad taste (Post Courier Monday 28 2011). The facts surrounding the rapes cases at the Porgera mine site reflects a pattern of continuous human rights violations at Porgera and it was not surprise for Mr. Halverson to say Mr. Munk’s comments taken out of context.

How can a man of Munks standing globally, a chairman of the world’s largest gold producer says “Gang Rape A Cultural habit” in PNG and yet, one of his deputies defend him saying he was taken out of context. We understand that Munk is a no nonsense man and he meant what he said.

Porgera Landowners Association through Porgera Alliance rang the bell on Barrick, exposing such in-humane activities in Porgera and demanding accountability for the crimes.

We stand with the Minister for Mining and the Government of Papua New Guinea in demanding an apology, but we deserve more than that from Peter Munk and Barrick. Rapes and other forms of human rights abuses are the culture of Munk and Barrick pattern of operations globally. The Government of Papua New Guinea must act now to hold Barrick accountable for the crimes instead of just an apology. Evidence of transnational crimes has surfaced and the government of PNG must not shy away with a shallow defensive apology from Halverson to save Munk’s ass.

Cash for land deals by transnational under pretext of social wages can be accepted but not with the kind of taste that we have experienced so far with Barrick in Porgera.

Ipilis, Engans and PNG in general were a civilized society before western civilization. We had rules and laws guiding our way of life, far better than Munks way of business and life. Rape or Gang rape is unheard until recent times around our so-called urban centers and we do not promote or tolerate such crimes in our rural society.

Mark Tony Ekepa


Mark Tony

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