Amnesty report on forced evictions near Porgera mine

Between April and July 2009, police officers in Papua New Guinea illegally and forcibly evicted people from their homes alongside one of the biggest mines in Papua New Guinea, the Porgera gold mine.

People fled as their homes were burned by police. In some cases police assaulted and threatened people with firearms. One woman, a mine employee, said that while she was nursing her small child in her arms, a police officer hit her on the shoulder with a rifle butt when she hesitated to leave her house, pointed the gun at her and threatened her. Another resident said that when he refused to leave, the police tried to lock him in his house and set fire to it while he was inside.
Read full Amnesty report “Undermining Rights: Forced evictions and police brutality around the Porgera gold mine, Papua New Guinea”.

Read statement from the Porgera Landowners Association in reaction to the Amnesty Report.

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