Reckless Killings at Porgera Gold Mine Site

The Akali Tange Association makes this press release after continuous reckless killings of local indigenous peoples in and around the Porgera mine gold mine site. The latest victim to fall in the hands of Barrick’s Porgera security guards was 15 year old Gipson Umbi from Weigima village, located just few metres from the open pit. Our investigations have established that at around 7.00pm, Barrick security guards open fired on the local villages using high powered assault raffles, M16 and shot guns on the harmless villages. The reckless use of excessive force has resulted in instant shot to death of the late Gipson Umbi. In the last few weeks, three more locals have been recorded death under mysteries circumstances at the mine site. The death toll connected to Porgera mine operations has now gone beyond an excusable level, more than 60 have death so far and something urgent needs to be done by the National government and Barrick.

It is not the question of illegal or legal, the situation on the ground is reckless use of excessive force against harmless indigenous peoples by agents of a multi international company. Every inch of crimes committed at the Porgera mine site is aided and abided by Barrrick. Barrick is well known for framing stories in this kind of situation by excusing for self defence related to their brand of so published propaganda, illegal mining by locals. There is no definition for that word is not found in any dictionary nor a confident court of law has set a case law. Barrick is fully responsible for what’s going wrong at Porgera; Barrick is liable for all the crimes against harmless local’s peoples.

The National Government and Barrick Gold Corporation are fully aware about the acute situation on the ground in Porgera and yet pretend they know little or take cover by passing the buck on each other. The indigenous local communities in Porgera and around Enga a now fat up with the monkey tricks. We have now reached a point where one more life lost under any circumstance at the Porgera mine site will not be tolerated. Therefore, we call on the company to act immediately to address the situation and allow the law to deal with the person responsible for pressing the trigger.

Jethro C. Tulin
Public & Chief Executive Officer
Akali Tange Association Inc &
Porgera Alliance

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