Organized to demand rights for the People of Papua New Guinea
Reckless Killings at Porgera Gold Mine Site

The Akali Tange Association makes this press release after continuous reckless killings of local indigenous peoples in and around the Porgera mine gold mine site. The latest victim to fall in the hands of Barrick’s Porgera security guards was 15 year old Gipson Umbi from Weigima village, located just few metres from the open pit. [...]

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Presentation by Mark Ekepa at the Canadian Parliament Press Gallary 12th May 2008

My name is Mark Ekepa. I have come from Papua New Guinea to speak to the Canadian people and the Canadian government about the problems the indigenous people in my community are facing because of the reckless mining operations of Barrick Gold’s Porgera Joint Venture mine. I am the Chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association. I [...]

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Jethro Tulin’s testimony read to Barrick shareholders at their 2008 Annual General Meeting

Jethro Tulin gave this presentation at Barrick’s Annual General Meeting in Toronto, Canada on May 6, 2008. The following segment was cut from the Barrick’s webcast of the event, immediately following the meeting. My name is Jethro Tulin and I hold a proxy from Mr. David Wurfel. Mr.  Munk,  I  am an indigenous  Ipili  from [...]

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Letter to Barrick Management on behalf of Porgera Landowners Association

Toronto, CANADA For the attention of Mr. Greg Wilkins and the board of Barrick Gold: We are indigenous  Ipili  from the  Highlands  of  Papua  New Guinea.  We have travelled half way across the world, to speak out  against  the grave issues our people face because of your Porgera mine.  
When you came to our place [...]

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